About Koba




We created the KOBA-Custom-Mace System in order to offer our customers a bike, which matches their needs and is weight-optimized too. The weight of the bike and in particular the rotating mass (tires, tubes, rims, sparks, crankset, etc.) determine directly how easy it is to ride the bike. On a production-model-bike you cannot choose your own components! Our Custom-Made System makes sure the components fit your bodyweight perfectly: neither oversized nor too heavy and neither to weak nor not firm enough. No matter what, with the Custom-Made System you will ride lighter and safer in any price class – not only in the top sector! Do not underestimate the free choice of components because the frame weight only makes a difference of 10-15% of the whole weight. An expensive, light frame on its own gives no certainty for a light bike. Each of our Custom-Made bikes is built with a lot of passion in our manufactory in Buchs.


Everything started in 1991 when my former staff member Phillip Quaderer and I got in touch with a Taiwanese aluminum frame producer at the Frankfurt Show and ordered our first mountain bike hardtail frame. Meanwhile we offer 18 different frame models. But what for an own bike? Neither the bikes with their mix of components offered at that time nor the mounting standard satisfied me. I wanted to choose the components myself and mount them following my own standard.


Apart from a few exceptions all our aluminum and carbon frames are own productions (private mold). Following our directions (CAD) first molds are created in which as a next step the frames are produced. There is no need to invent our frames newly each year as we stick to everything working perfectly. We improve everything what needs to be improved and we adapt what needs to be adapted. Often, I’m astonished to see how competing companies replace a sensationally working frame already after one year by a new one facing teething problems again. The only goal I’m able to see, is to give the client the feeling of having an outdated bike. Our asset is to develop and then to optimize permanently. Koba parts like stems, handlebars, grips, seat post clamps, quick releases etc. are produced in compliance with our order. This way we have a direct affect on quality, weight and design and we can offer prices on a competitive basis.


Even though the globalized word in which we live brings along a lot of restrictions, I try to influence the things laying in my hands. I severely pay attention to the transportation of all goods by shipping them as often as possible. We recycle metals, cardboard and plastic separately.

Happy Trails

Jan Koba